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Live Pee Free!® removes pet odors from where your pet sleeps - Pet Beds, Furniture, & Comforters. Folks whisper to us that their dog sleeps at the foot of the bed. This product is designed to use in between washings on any fabric or material.

Best Use: Removes Pet Odors From Where Your Pet Sleeps - Including Comforters
Individual Size: 16 oz.

Live Pee Free!® Bedding product is specifically formulated for pet bedding, pet carriers, small animal cages, furniture, upholstery and for that little spot at the end of your bed that your pet sleeps. Safe to use on comforters - just spray in between washings.

Live Pee Free!® Bedding Odor Eliminator contains billions of positive Ions that totally offset the negative ions contained in pet odors and urine. It naturally eliminates odors on contact without enzymes, surfactants or fragrances.

> Liquid Positive Ion™ Odor Technology Cancels Out Negative Ion Odors On Contact

DIRECTIONS: For pet bedding and other fabric surfaces, spray Live Pee Free!® Bedding Odor Eliminator freely on the affected area until the odor is completely eliminated. When finished, you can safely let the area air-dry.

IMPORTANT: Two separate applications are necessary if you previously used stain and odor products containing enzymes, vinegar, cleaners or bleach. One to remove the old product and a second to effectively eliminate the odor.

TIP: Instantly eliminates pet odors upon full contact. Results are easily detected due to no added fragrance.

TIP: Use it wherever your pet sleeps, including your own bed.

100% Eliminates Odor On Contact
NO Harmful Chemicals
NO Lingering Smells
NO Return Odors

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Safe For Pets, Kids, Family And The Environment.
NO Fragrances
NO Enzymes
NO Surfactants (Soap)
NO Oxygenation

NO Essential Oils NO Aldehydes NO Encapsulation

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How To Choose The Right Product
1-2 pets: Dog Urine or Cat Litter Eliminators

Multi-Pet: Use any 2X product

Old or Stubborn Odors: Use any 2X product in 64oz. or Gallon sizes.

Already Treated Odors: If you used cleaning products before using a Live Pee Free!® product, use any 2X product.

Purified Water, Liquid Positive Ion™ Odor Technology, Malic Acid, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Pectin Extract.

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