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Natural Cat

Multi Cat 13kg

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Natural Cat is a superior cat litter, pet safe and ecologically friendly.

Natural Cat is produced using only clean grain generated by the manufacturing of various grains, that’s it! “Clean” means that it doesn’t contain lead or other harmful chemicals usually associated with processed grain. The clean grains are washed and dried before adding these biological ingredients together. Finally, it is transformed into a granular texture that is soft and pleasant to the touch. This unique texture represents the single most relevant factor that greatly differentiates “Natural Cat” litter from every other grain based litter on the market.

Because of the carefully developed shape and size of its texture, “Natural Cat” litter is designed to be soft to the touch and will not get stuck in your cat’s paws. Other grain cat litters have been known to cause discomfort from dust and tracking throughout the house.

Natural Cat is 100% biodegradable and can be flushed down the toilet (small clumps only), thus eliminating the need to sift and dispose of traditional cat litter in the trash, which ends up in landfills. Our staff prefer to add it to their compost.

Natural Cat features an extremely low dust level that allows you and your cat to breathe easier in a healthier environment, it also minimizes tracking so your home stays fresh and clean. Unlike many other litters, it does not contain harmful silica particles, chemicals or fragrances.

Natural Cat contains a proprietary natural additive that eliminates odors and is safe for your cat and environment.

Natural Cat is three times more absorbent than clay litter and is extremely light. Natural Cat reduces digging noise, can be compressed to save space, is easier to lift and carry, and is optimal for people living in apartments who cannot let their cat outside and for the elderly who have difficulty in lifting heavy clay cat litters. Natural Cat is ideal for old and injured cats for which digging is difficult and painful. Since the texture is soft it will not scratch your floors, especially expensive wood floors, and is easy to vacuum.

The Facts

In Canada and US, more than 3.4 million tons of conventional cat litter ends up in landfills every year because it cannot be recycled or be biodegradable.

Recycling 1 ton of Natural Cat Litter translates in saving 28,000 liters of water, 2,000 quarts of oil, 650 pounds of air pollution, 3 cubic yards of landfill space and 4,500 Kw/Hour of energy!!

These are important facts if you care about our planet like we do!

The Natural Cat litter bag is designed with the retailer and consumer in mind. It is very compact, thus minimizing shelf space in the store. It is also easy to store in the house especially in tight spaces such as closets, cabinets and cupboards. It is important to store this product in a dry cool environment!

The Natural Cat litter bag is made of recycled paper material and is fully recyclable.

Finally Natural cat can be used on the floor of bird, rabbit, hamster and other pet cages for its absorbency.

A Part of Nature in your home. Cat owners are aware of the importance of a cat litter in their pet’s life. The litter location, box, shape, material, texture and smell among other things are very important to your cat’s sensitivity.

This is why Natural Cat is much better than a traditional litter. These features represent the ultimate pleasure to a cat by nature, a kept and clean animal.
Made in Canada
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