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3P Naturals Basic Instincts™ is raw cat food designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of cats. Cats are true carnivores, meaning their intestinal tracts are shorter in length, designed to digest and process meat quickly. It is important for cats to get a variety of different meats in order to meet their nutritional needs.

Feeding Guide:
Most of the raw foods are designed to be a balanced diet. This usually means that they have added vitamins and minerals to their foods. That said, different protein sources will provide different amino-acid combinations to their diet. In short, if you can rotate protein sources, it will be a more ideally balanced diet.

The general rule of thumb is to give 100g per 10 lb of body weight or 2% of their body weight.

Non-medicated Beef muscle meat, beef heart, beef liver, Bi Base powder, steamed lamb bone meal, dried egg yolk, psyllium husk powder, agar, gelatin, filtered water. wild salmon oil

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