Beef & Vegetable Patties 1.8kg


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At IrRAWsistible, we believe in feeding dogs and cats a wholesome diet of species-appropriate foods. Fresh raw meats, offal, vegetables and fruits are highly digestible and will result in optimal nutritional absorption rates for your pets. Commercial kibble is cooked under high heat which destroys enzymes making it difficult to digest. High heat processed foods result in the destruction of natural vitamins which are replaced in their synthetic form in dry kibble foods. Commercially processed pet foods often contain high levels of grain. Dogs and cats have difficulty digesting grain products, and as such they pass through your animal with little to no nutritional impact. Many dogs and cats have grain-based allergies which often disappear when fed a species-appropriate raw diet.

Antibiotic-free beef, beef heart, beef liver, apple, carrot, kale, ground flax, eggs, dehydrated alfalfa, kelp, apple cider vinegar and eggshell calcium.

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