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Hamster/Gerbil 454g

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Oxbow’s complete and balanced hamster & gerbil food is formulated to meet your pet’s unique nutritional needs. We combine hand-selected Timothy Hay with wholesome barley and oats to provide vital nutrients. In this bag, and beyond, we promise only the best for your pet.

Feeding Directions
Animal Young (under six months)
Pregnant/Nursing Adult (over six months)
Small Hamster Unlimited 1/8 cup
Gerbil/Large Hamster Unlimited 1/3 cup
Please note that these are guidelines. If your hamster or gerbil is overweight or underweight, please contact your veterinarian or Oxbow for more specific feeding information.

Note: Hamsters are known to hoard and hide their food, particularly females or those housed with other hamsters. Be sure to check for stockpiles of food and adjust daily rations as required.
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