PurOtic Dial-A-Dose Soft Hand Feeder + Large Silicone Tip, 30cc


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Key Features

Soft silicone tip won't harm teeth, gums, or cheeks
Smooth plunger seal
Lifelike feel encourages pets to feed
Durable and reusable
Superior to all other hand feeding syringes on the market

What are the Soft Feeding Syringes?

Soft silicone dispensing tip makes hand feeding liquids, foods, and medicines easy for pets and pet owners alike. Innovet Pet Products created the only hand feeding syringe made with medical-grade silicone to prevent damage to gums, cheeks, and teeth. The durable silicone tips are soft and flexible yet difficult for pets to chew through.

The feeding syringe is perfect for animals of all sizes: from birds to kittens to puppers as big as us. High-quality and rigorously tested to ensure no leaks. The hand feeding syringe is designed for multiple feeding applications and can be used to feed animals things such as milk replacers, medicines, and even canned foods.

Eliminate the Risks of Hand Feeding
Aspiration of fluids is the main risk associated with hand feeding. It often takes a while to perfect the rate of pressure to apply on the plunger and the pet’s medical conditions can make this even more difficult.

Turns out there is a really easy way to avoid this. We designed our plungers with a movable dial that will stop the plunger from moving past a certain dosage point. You can choose any dosage point on the dial. This way if you accidentally press all the way down on the plunger, you’ll be stopped from giving too much. This gives you the ability to administer at a slow and steady rate — you’ll just keep rolling the dial up until the syringe is empty.

How To Use
Insert the silicone tip of the syringe into the liquid you're using. Slowly pull back the plunger until the tube of the syringe is filled to the desired level.
Place the silicone tip inside your pet's mouth and angle it back against his cheek. Slowly press the plunger down until all of the liquid has been released.
Silicon Tip Soft Feeding Syringes are safe and perfect for pets that struggle when the time comes for them to take their medicine.

Is the feeding syringe reusable?
You can reuse the Silicone Tip Feeding Syringe as often as you need. We offer replacement silicone syringe tips, in case you lose one or your dog decides to use it as a play toy. However, while soft and safe the silicone tips are durable as all get out — it’s difficult for these to get chewed or tore up when using. Many kittens will like the pliable silicone texture and chew on it — this is natural and fine.

Is the syringe sterilized?
If you’re worried about using an unsterilized feeding syringe due to any contamination, we recommend that you sterilize these syringes. We are extremely careful when creating and packaging our products and have not heard of any contamination issues. However, we can't guarantee that these silicone syringes are 100% sterilized right out of the box. If you have a pet that is very sensitive, we want to make sure we never put their health in harm’s way in any manner.

Can this be given to birds?
Yes, we offer a range tip size options for administering food or medication to small pets of all kinds: birds, rabbits, ferrets, etc.

Are feeding syringes dangerous?
As long as administering is performed slowly and carefully, there is little danger associated with feeding syringes. You want to make sure that the animal is swallowing the food, liquid, etc. as aspiration of fluids — fluid in lungs — is a risk and is dangerous.

How to hand feed?
These are perfect hand feeding syringes and how you’ll use it specifically will depend on what you’re administering. Refer to this page for tips on that.

The basic outline is the same, however:

While holding your pet, carefully insert silicone tip into their mouth.

When comfortably situated in mouth slowly press down on the plunger.

Ensure that the animal is swallowing.

If feeding a milk replacer, monitor the stomach if it becomes bloated stop feeding. Do not, however, lay them back on their back, keep them in a natural feeding position.

Can silicone feeding syringes be used to feed canned food?
They oh so definitely can! And a great tip is to use a piping bag — easy to make at home — to transfer the canned food into the syringe without any hassle.

Can I cut the tip back for a faster rate of administering?
Silicone tips are durable and can be cleanly cut without jeopardizing the material and structure.

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