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Maison Berger

Riviera Tonic Lemon Gift Set

$58.00 In Stock
Invite color into your interior with the Tonic Lemon Riviera Scented Mini Bouquet in cheerful pink shades. Its subtle color catches the eye and fills the space with vitality and softness. Subtly tangy, it is inspiring, relaxing and also energizing. Dive into a cozy atmosphere, or a more tropical and energetic one! Its mini format is ideal for accessorizing and personalizing your décor while adding a touch of summer femininity. The joyful and invigorating fragrance matches the Tonic Lemon Riviera Scented Mini Bouquet. Citrus scents reach you as if freshly squeezed, enhanced by a few sweet water fruit notes and woody amber scents. This explosive tangy fragrance offers sparkling citrus freshness, especially designed for summer! Enjoy these sunny moments that brighten up your everyday with originality and illuminate your life.