Wooly Snuffle Mat


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Your dog is going to thank you for adding a little enrichment to their day! No other product on the market is as engaging for their amazing sense of smell as Wooly. You’re also going to love watching them forage their way through dinner or snack time - a snuffle mat is a fun adventure for both of you - so enjoy!

Mealtime Enrichment:
Our easy-to-use design allows you to just pour the food on top!

Safe and Sustainable:
Handmade using upcycled materials and non-toxic.

Modern Design:
Not all dog products need to look like toys! PAW5 products will look great in any home.

One Size Fits All:
All dogs, big and small, love and can easily use Wooly!

No Mess:
Easily cleaned in your household washer and dryer.

Sustainably Made:
Handmade using upcycled materials.

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