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About Us


Discover the KornaPet Story: Passionate Pioneers in Natural Pet Care

At Korna Pet, we are committed to the well-being of your beloved pets. We firmly believe that dogs and cats thrive on a diet of whole, natural foods, free from fillers, by-products, artificial colors or flavors, and additives or preservatives. Our goal is to offer pet owners the healthiest choices, just as they would select for themselves.

We understand that our customers are dedicated to making informed decisions about their pets' diets, and it is our responsibility to provide a range of the healthiest options and exceptional service.


Our Mission

Providing outstanding customer service and products that promote health and well-being

Our Vision

Fostering a healthy lifestyle for pets and their owners

Encouraging happiness through companionship

Nurturing growth and development together

Our Core Focus

Caring for your pets as if they were our own

Our Niche

An unwavering commitment to offering a diverse selection of healthy choices