About Us

Who are we?

We believe that dogs and cats are healthiest when they eat the whole, natural, foods we would eat ourselves. These human grade foods should be without fillers or by-products, artificial colours or flavours, additives or artificial preservatives. And these foods should be free from chemical additives of any kind, including preservatives such as Ethoxyquin, BHA, or BHT, which are frequently found in pet food, but are banned from human use in many countries. We have a wide variety of foods available in Canine and Feline formulas (raw frozen, freeze dried, dehydrated, canned, and dry). What sets these innovative foods apart, from others, is that they are all made from human grade ingredients. That means we could eat these foods ourselves.


What sets us apart from other pet stores is our knowledgeable staff. Our staff members have years of experience in many aspects of the pet field. We have special interests in nutrition, & natural and alternative therapies for pets, & are active in various dog sports. Always up to date with the latest developments in these areas, we are glad to make referrals based on our personal experiences.


We know that our customers’ pets are part of the family. We believe that our customers are concerned about making more sophisticated and healthful decisions about what they eat. This concern is naturally extended to their “fur-kids”. Our customers want to learn more about their pets’ nutrition. By sharing our knowledge, as well as our broad range of books and other reading materials, our customers become more educated – putting them in control of their pets’ nutrition.

Our Vision

Health and happiness for pets and their caregivers

Our Mission

To deliver exceptional customer service and products that contributes to health and wellbeing

Our Values

Respect, honesty, integrity, customer service, and communication with our customers.

Our Staff

Our staff has passion for animals and is dedicated to wellbeing of pets and education of pet owners. With diverse backgrounds and range of experience we offer a wealth of information to our customers


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