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Open Range

Beef Chomper Braid 6in

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Open Range beef treats are a dog’s favourite. Derived from grass fed animals that are raised without the use of steroids, hormones and antibiotics, and contain no added artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. 100% digestible

Beef Esophagus has one of the highest contents of protein, while its low-fat profile makes it one of the most nutritious treats.

Esophagus is packed with Chondroitin which supports healthy joint function 100% digestible to ensure absorption of the proteins and minerals that support a healthy immune system Helps to remove tartar and plaque while your dog chews promoting healthy teeth and gums A source of Omega Fatty Acids to promote healthy skin and coat A nutritious, healthy, and safe alternative to “rawhide”

5 – 6″ Chomper Braid
11 – 12″ Chomper Braid

High in Protein
Omega Fatty Acids
Low in Fat
Joint Health
Dental Health
Mental Health
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