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Stella & Chewy's

Chewy's Chicken Meal Mixers 9oz

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Kickstart your kibble with Stella & Chewy’s Meal Mixers, delivering a boost of raw and irresistible taste! Simply scoop, mix-in and watch your dog go crazy for mealtime.

To Use As a Meal Mixer: Meal Mixers are an easy, convenient way to add raw, nutrient-rich meat, wholesome fruits & vegetables, probiotics and antioxidants to any diet. Simply fill the enclosed scoop to the line (equal to 1/4 cup), mix and serve.

To Use As a Complete & Balanced Dinner: Our Meal Mixers are so good your dog may be begging for more! To use as a complete and balanced meal, we recommend rehydrating by adding 2 tablespoons of warm water per scoop. If feeding dry, make sure your dog drinks plenty of warm water at mealtime. Fill the enclosed scoop to the fill line (equal to 1/4 cup). Optimal feeding amounts may vary with age, size, breed, and activity level. Please refer to the feeding chart below as an initial recommendation and adjust food amount as needed to reach desired weight goal.

Feeding Guideline:

When mixed with other food:
1-20 lbs 1 scoop per day
21-40 lbs 2 scoops per day
over 40 lbs 2+ scoops per day

To use as a complete dinner:
5 lbs 2.5 scoops
10 lbs 4.0 scoops
15 lbs 5.5 scoops
20 lbs 6.5 scoops
25 lbs 8.0 scoops