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Happy Days Dairy

Raw Goat Milk Cheese with Spirulina 100g

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Happy Days Raw Goat Cheese with Spirulina is Sourced from a Canadian Dairy with superior quality and freshness. The Goats are raised on a nutritious year-round diet of natural NON-GMA alfalfa hay ( up to 96 % of total diet), free pasture as much as the goats take in, and a grain ration that includes a protein, mineral, and gut health source. Our goat milk is also guaranteed to be free of antibiotics and hormones.

This is a must try supplement superfood that is great for both dogs and cats.

Whole goats milk, add 2 probiotic enzymes and then culture the milk for 10 days. The finished product is a Raw Fermented Goat Milk that could also be called a Kefir
The Raw Goat Milk is not pasteurized. This means it’s rich in lactase enzymes and can be easily digested by pets! (Pasteurization and heat destroy the lactase enzyme).
Made in Canada
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